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At NorthStar CrossFit, we believe life is all about choices. If you want to be fit, you must make choices to support that decision. Experience the NorthStar community to understand what CrossFit is and determine if it's right for you. Our mission is to build usable, lifelong fitness habits for all abilities through excellent coaching and an encouraging community. ​ 


When you try your first CrossFit class at NorthStar, you can expect to be greeted by at least one of the coaches or members. This is the first of many things that makes a CrossFit gym different than any other - the members and coaches come together to form an amazing community, almost like a second family! After being greeted, receiving a tour and getting your questions answered, you are ready to get started. You may ask if you are actually ready - and YES, you are! At NorthStar CrossFit, we evaluate your fitness level so as to provide you with the appropriate instruction and modification for any of the movements.

This is such a great place to workout. Very friendly owners and coaching staff. It’s perfect for every fitness level as well, from beginners to the most advanced crossfitters. I have lost a lot of fat and gained muscle that I never thought I could. I love how the coaches are so willing to work with each and every person making sure you understand the workout, and they’ll help you modify it to what your abilities are. It makes it much more comfortable. Plus all the members are great too, it becomes a second family. I get to the point that I love going to workout not only for the workout but for the friendships as well.

- Danielle


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