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 Tweens & Teens


CrossFit is not reserved just for adults or the experienced; it's a lifestyle designed for the entire family. Bring your preschoolers, pre-teens or teenagers and get them involved - make CrossFit a family affair.

CrossFit Kids
Ages 3-8


At NorthStar CrossFit, fitness is always fun! We begin with a warm up, do a quick workout and finish with a game. They will learn fundamental movements including squats, push-ups, pull ups, climbing, jumping, running, stretching and elementary gymnastics movements. More importantly, your child will also learn to follow directions, listen, communicate and play with others. Every class includes game play and positive reinforcement. Watch your child’s confidence, both physically and mentally, grow with each class!

Our CrossFit Kids classes are included with any adult or family memberships. Each kids class last about 30 minutes. There is a sitting area where parents can watch their child(ren).

CrossFit for Tweens
Ages 9-12


During our tweens-only class, we begin to provide more in-depth instruction on the basic movements of CrossFit. Class starts with a warm up before spending time on skill work where your child will receive instruction on how to properly perform basic weightlifting movements, while also focusing on core strength and body control. The tweens will enjoy a good workout and end class with a quick game. Our goal in the tweens program is to help your child improve overall strength and mobility.

Our tweens classes are offered 2 days a week, with each class lasting about 1 hour. Click below to purchase an unlimited tweens membership or see our Memberships page for more options. 

CrossFit for Teens
Ages 13-18


It is important for young athletes to develop speed, agility, accuracy and power - regardless of your teen's current lifestyle - and we understand. In our teens program, we continue to build and expand upon weightlifting skills and basic CrossFit movements. We work on physical strength, mental strength, endurance and overall confidence in a team environment. Our goal is to help your teen improve their overall strengths and abilities, which will translate to a healthier lifestyle and improved athlete performance.

Teens classes are offered 2 days a week / 1 hour each. Teens can also attend one of the CrossFit classes on Saturdays. Click below to purchase an unlimited teens membership or see our Memberships page for more options.

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